Dog Coat

There are 3 designs of dog coat. The back panel measurement is the same for each, however the different designs require some different measurements. Once you have chosen which design you would like, more measurements will be asked for.

Measurements for the back panel:


A = Length: measure from base of tail to where you want the coat to come around the neck area.(just behind where collar sits)

B = length from where collar sits to where stomach strap should fit (usually widest part of the torso but depends on the dog - careful to measure this to avoid certain bits of anatomy for the boys!))

C = Shoulder length across body - should be just above elbow joint


D = Girth - around whole body, where stomach strap should be placed. Find the ribcage and place the tape measure at the widest part. You should be able to place 2 fingers underneath.(remember to get the measurement for B)

E = Thigh  length across whole body, about 5 cm in from the base of the tail. It should be above the knee joint

Harness attachment

If your dog wears a harness, a feature can be added to allow easy access to of the harness without spoiling the line of the coat.  An extra measurement will need to be taken from the 'neck' to the harness clip.