Collar width

These are suggested widths for the length of collar, however we can make any width required. Our largest buckles are 2.5cm width, but we can make tapered collars e.g. for sight hounds, if requested.  

Small - 1.5 cm (1/2 inch) width, 20 - 29cm long - suitable for small dogs such as miniature dachshunds

Medium - 2 cm (3/4 inch) width, 30 - 39cm long - suitable for slightly bigger dogs such as full size Dachshunds, Border terriers, Welsh terriers..  

Medium wide - 2.5 cm (1 inch) width, 30 - 39cm long - suitable for those dogs that like their collar to be a bit wider 

Large - 2.5cm (1 inch) width, 40 - 49 cm long - suitable for larger dogs such as Labradors, Irish terriers, Spanish Water dogs...

Measuring the collar length:

If you have an old collar, you can use it to measure the best length for the collar. Place the tape measure where the buckle is attached to the leather and measure to the favourite, most used hole on the collar.



If you don't have an old collar, take a flexible tape measure and measure around your dogs neck where the collar would lie - you need to be able to place 2 fingers underneath.

Each collar is made to measure, the length you give will be used to give the 'middle' hole so there will be flexibility to make the collar larger or smaller. 

Big hair days!

Don't worry about your dog collar fitting for those dogs who are clipped, the collar will be made to the favourite, most used hole, but will have holes either side to allow for expansure or shrinkage depending on their hair style at the time!

Neo, our Spanish Water dog is a good example - he varies from a curly furry boy to a sleek velveteen hound!

You name it, I'll play it!

You name it, I'll play it!

Really, another photo!

Really, another photo!