MannandMoon at the Country Living Fair Kitchen Table Talent Pop up Market

MannandMoon were one of 30 new crafters who won the opportunity to show at the Country Living Fair Kitchen Table Talent pop up market - the first time this has been run. We were all nervous as to what to expect, and hoping the people coming to the fair would like our products.

The tables were quite small and very close together but everyone worked together to make the space work - see the photo below of our table! (as usual any photos with me in it were not printable!!)

Buyers from John Lewis came to talk to and with us to give advice on business and spent time with each of us at our tables to find out more about us, our products and our 'story'. We had lots of positive feedback throughout the day and gained very valuable experience and ideas for the future.

We'd like to thank Country Living for choosing and supporting us, John Lewis for their encouragement, tips and feedback and the lovely people who visited our table for their positive words and sharing their stories of their dogs!