Our Story


It all started in June 2009 when we brought our puppy, Neo, to his new home. We like to think Neo, a Spanish Water dog, is a handsome chap just as he is. Bling doesn't suit his style, or ours, yet we still wanted something distinctive for him to wear.

After completing several leather working and handbag-making courses, I started making collars to my own design for Neo and his friends. Once I learned how to hand-stitch leather, leads were made to match.

We live in Brighton, a fantastic place to live for dog owners as we have the countryside, the coast and a dog-friendly city within an easy stroll. However, taking everything we needed for both Neo and us meant either bulging pockets or bags that were suitable for outside but not very stylish to take into cafe's and restaurants. So, on talking to a few friends about what kind of things they take with them when they go out with their dogs, I designed a bag that is both attractive and functional.

As I started working with the Harris Tweed, I fell in love with the fabric and the beautiful choice of colours and designs and when a friend asked me to make a coat for her dog to match her bag, I was more than happy to do so. I had a few ideas I wanted to incorporate into my designs and so began my new venture into making bespoke dog coats. 

New products are fully tested before release, Neo is our chief tester, his friend Noodles is deputy (dawg!) along with family and friends testing out bags and the home comforts range. 

All products are made to order. All materials used are sourced from the UK, the vintage buttons used on the treat bags were very kindly donated by my Mum and Aunty Pat from their life's collections! Their lovely friends have all donated buttons too! They really don't make buttons like they used to!